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Dot brand versus dot com: Internet domains go head to head

By Fiona Graham, Technology of business reporter, BBC News

Business is good.  Your company has been a leader in the field.  But there’s one small fly in your ointment…You’re a bit late to the game when it came to the Internet and your is already taken.

You’re pretty sure this must be the reason you haven’t made quite the splash you wanted in other markets…Is there another way?   For the complete story from BBC News, click  on photograph above.

Should You Worry If Your Jeans Go Smart?

By Katia Moskvitch, Science and technology reporter, BBC News

What if those new jeans you’ve just bought start tweeting about your location as you walk down the street or through the mall?

It sounds far-fetched, but it’s possible – if one of your garments is equipped with a tinny radio-frequency identification device, your location could be revealed without you knowing about it. For the complete story from BBC News, click on photograph above

Jack Ma Is Very Interested in Buying Yahoo

By Verne G. Kopytoff, The New York Times

Jack Ma, CEO of the Chinese e-commerce company the Alibaba Group, said on Friday that he was strongly considering buying Yahoo.  It was the first public overture for the struggling Web portal. For the complete story from The New York Times, click on photograph above

App Helps Drivers Find and Compare Parking Spots

From The L.A. Times

The hunt for parking has turned many a mild-mannered person into an urban warrior.  Can Parking In Motion help? For the complete story from The L.A. Times, click on photograph above

A prairie home education: Alberta brings classrooms to the country

By Kate Hammer, Education Reporter, Globe and Mail

Ms. Lockhart’s children are part of the Prairie Rose school district, a cash-strapped board with a student population of about 3,400 spread out over an area the size of Prince Edward Island – and some innovative ideas about teaching through technology.  For the complete story from The Globe and Mail, click on photograph above

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